Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MarketPlace and Megan's Gala

Hi Everyone,

I was waiting for final numbers to report on our success with regards to our MarketPlace fundraiser in honour of Grace's 3rd Birthday. I'm still waiting for 2 vendors to "cash out" but it looks as though we raised about $5000 for pediatric brain tumour research at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto. Not bad for a 3 hour event!! We will have word shortly but I'm confident that we will reach our $25,000 goal by the first anniversary of Grace's death if we have not already done so. We have two other fundraisers currently in the works for Grace's fund that are being put on by friends. The first is called "Spring Fashion Tea". It is an old fashioned Sunday tea with a clothing and jewelry show. It is being hosted by the Optimist Club of Brampton and is being held at the Bramalea Lions Hall on Sunday March 25th between 1 and 4pm. Tickets are $12 per person or 2 for $20. Call 905-332-7798 for tickets. I'd like to thank my friend Denise for promoting the Grace Compagnon Stanley Tribute Fund to the Optimist Club of Brampton and I'm extremely grateful that they have chosen to direct all proceeds from this event to Grace's fund. Please join us this afternoon if you can, my friend Jen and I will both be modeling (should be entertaining). The second is a poker night that is going to be hosted by our friends Dave and Alice. As details become available for this event I will keep you posted. I have currently directed my fundraising energy to helping a family who we lived for months with at Sick Kids. Two year old Evan Glen has Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. We became friends with his family because he and Grace under went bone marrow transplants at the same time. I found out last week that Evan's bone marrow transplant is failing (his host marrow is taking over the donor marrow) and his medical team is expecting to have to readmit him in April for a second bone marrow transplant. This will mean another long stay in Toronto for his family (approx. 8 months) which is very expensive. Evan's aunt is hosting a fundraising dance to help alleviate some of this cost for the family on Saturday April 14 at the St. Lawrence Parish Hall (475 Mary St. N) in Hamilton. I am currently soliciting for and accepting any donations for a silent auction table. Please Email me if you have anything you can contribute at Thanks everyone! Ian and I personally attended a fundraiser last Friday evening for a fund at Sick Kids called Meagan's Walk. May of you have probably heard of this child or event. Meagan's battle with a malignant brain tumour has been chronicled on the Sick Kids telethon that often runs on Sunday mornings. After Meagan's death, Meagan's mom started a research fund that benefits pediatric brain tumour research at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto (same as Grace's fund). Meagan's walk takes place on Mother's Day and is a 5km walk that end's at the the Hospital for Sick Kids with a human hug around the hospital. For more information go to This event has grown so large that they have added a gala dinner and auction to their fundraising to kick off the walk. Ian and I attended this dinner and auction last Friday night. We were asked to send in pictures of Grace for the in memory slide show which I did. It was so very difficult to see Grace a part of this presentation but I was so glad we were remembering her. I sent at least a dozen photo's in, and in each she was bursting out of the frame with such energy and life. Her smiles were ear to ear, her shiny bald head would often cause kick back on the flash and she was never with out pink blankie and cat near. She is a true blessing, she was so strong and fearless, able to exhaust every moment that she was granted. At one point Ian leaned over to ask how many pictures of Grace I had submitted since it seemed as though she had monopolized the slide show... My answer was "there could never be too many pictures of Grace". It was an emotionally exhausting evening but it was nice to see all of Grace's doctor's outside of the hospital. We will be participating in Meagan's walk on Mother's Day, let us know if you would like to join us or register directly on Meagan's website (listed above). So busy, busy, busy with fundraising that's for sure but just remember BRAIN TUMOURS ARE THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF CANCEROUS DEATH AMONG CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS UNDER THE AGE OF 20. I personally would have guessed leukemia. But it's not it is brain tumours.... so why are we not fighting to save our children like we are fighting to save our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters in our efforts against breast cancer. Why do we not hear about brain cancer like we hear about breast cancer??? If we want to save our children we must.

Mama misses you baby.

P.S. Puppy update: George is huge! He's a wonderful boy and quiet enjoys his new girl friend D'lila (the Depaz's bulldog). He loves the snow and is doing OK at puppy class although Ian feels he's not doing as well as he should be. I'm just happy he's potty trained and hasn't eaten any of my shoes. He turns 5 months old on the 2nd of March... I think daddy's expectations of such a young boy may just be a little high :-)


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