Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our dream is over

Hi Everyone,

Today when we went to the hospital for Grace's MRI we were informed that after further examination of Grace's CT Scan from yesterday that her tumour had not only returned but aggressively spread throughout the left lobe of her brain. Since 100% recection is impossible, and radiation will only be successful with aggressive recection and Grace is no long a candidate for high dose chemo, our dream for a cure for Grace's condition has come to an end. The doctors feel that we have aprox. 2 months left with our precious angle. We are devastated, empty and exhausted after haven fought so hard and watched our baby suffer so much only to reach this unbelievable conclusion. We will spend our final weeks with our baby doing what ever her heart desires (which may include Disney next week if the doctors give us clearance on Friday). We are now praying for Grace to enjoy her last days with us on earth, free of pain and to be able to pass with dignity and peace. We love our sweet, sweet, baby Grace with every stitch of our being and can not imagine our world without her sweet voice calling Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa... RU??? or without her less than challenging way of playing "hide and seek" where she hides in the exact same spot everytime and comes running out to tell you where she is as soon as you have finished counting. Our dreams to bring her to her first day of school, teach her how to skip rope and peddle a bike, as well as ever other life experience we all take for granted are over. We are devastated.


Blogger sharon said...

Dear Lesley,
I hear about your story from a mutual friend L. Wilkenson. I am so sorry to hear about you and your husband and family are going through with your Daughter Grace. She sound like quite a sparkle from the way you write about her. I lost both my parents in the past 3 years, suddenly. I know that no matter what I say can ease your pain and suffering or Graces'. Just spend every moment there is cherishing your little girl. Make every breath count, and memorable. And make every smile that you see on your precious gift, a gift from her to you. I just wanted to let you know that my family will pray for Grace and you and your family. And that you are all in our hearts and minds.
I was a student in Loyola when you were there. You have touched me with your strength in the writings of Grace. Stay strong, but also, cry when you feel it.
We will pray for you all to have such loving times together.

7:23 p.m.  
Blogger Keir said...


I have been following Dawson Dominick's struggle for many months. I am a new but older (43 yrs) parent with an 11-month old son Patrick and another child on the way. We discovered our next child, god willing, is a boy on Wednesday past. We thought it was a girl for sure and after weeks of dreaming had decided upon Grace as her name.

I can't believe what you have been going through. I will never forget what I have read and seen here tonight. I will pray for you all. I only wish I could do something more. Please do not give up hope.


8:32 p.m.  

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