Saturday, June 10, 2006

Next Round of Chemo

Hi Everyone,

Still no final word on our next round of Chemo. We were discharged yesterday after Grace completed her course of antibiotics. We will be home until Thurs. when we will return to discuss Grace's next round of chemo with the doc's. Looks like it will be an oral chemo and/or an oral hormone that can both be taken at home via her G tube. She will get these drugs daily for the next 6months. She will get finger pokes for her bloodwork and may need the occasional I.V. for platelet transfusions but they do not feel that it will be regularly enough to justify putting a 4th CVL in. We are very happy to be home and look forward to being home during her next round of treatment. The last 8 months living at the hospital has been really hard (exhausting and expensive) and we hope that we can now treat Grace as much as possible from home. Once Grace's next round of chemo is firmed up we'll let you know. Thanks very much for everyone's support through out the last 8 months. It would be impossible for us to have made it without each of you. Continue to pray for Grace to achieve and maintain good health.



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