Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day +17

Hi Everyone,

I don't even know where to begin. The last two weeks since transplant have been insane. Grace still has not engrafted so we are still very nervous. She came down with Influenza B which is not a problem when you have functioning bone marrow but is a challenge without it. She seems to be doing well right now... good spirits, playing but tired. She has needed 1-2 blood transfusions daily since transplant... she's probably received somewhere in the vicinity of 40-50 units of blood in total to keep her going. Please, if you can, donate blood. The hospital runs out all the time (especially platelets) and this leaves patients waiting and at risk until blood again becomes available. Grace is AB positive which is a rare blood type and she often gets her blood from only a couple of donors... can you imagine that there is someone out there that we don't even know donating there blood to help save my baby's life?? Grace's white blood cells are 0.3. To be engrafted she needs to have ploys (a part of white blood cells) of 0.5 for two days in a row. Grace's polys are 0.04 so we have a way to go. As long as Grace remains free of infection and her liver continues to function well we don't mind it taking a bit longer. Doc's don't start to panic until day 28. This week will be our week.

Pray, pray and pray some more for our baby's return to good health.

P.S. Dawson went home healthy last week.

P.S.S. Our camera was stolen out of our hospital room while the baby was sleeping and I went down for a coffee. Can you believe it??? I'm most upset that someone who was untrustworthy was in the room with the baby when I was not. I'm also upset that I have lost all the pictures that we have taken since this process has begun. It could of been worse though and Ian and I have vowed to never leave Grace alone again... not even to run and get a coffee while she is sleeping... It's unfortunate that things like this happen especially in a hospital for sick kids. What can you do? I'll buy a new camera tomorrow and try to get some pictures out soon.

Thanks for your prayers,


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