Sunday, June 04, 2006

Final Pathology :-(

Hi Everyone,

Grace's 10th surgery went OK. Since this was her 3rd CVL it was positioned in an abnormal place so they had to make another incision on her chest to remove it. At first the incision caused her some discomfort but she seems to be fine now. Unfortunately we received some bad news on Thurs. Even though we were told on Tues. that everything was still looking benign, Thurs. evening the doc's came to see us and told us that one of the biopsies came back positive for Ependymoblastoma (Grace's original diagnoses). Ian and I were devastated. How could this cancer have lived through all of the chemo Grace has endured?? The surgeon has reassured us that this time he feels as though he has gotten it all but Grace's Onc. teams feels they must proceed forward with more chemo because of how aggressive her cancer is. We're devastated but have taken a couple of days to pull it together and are ready to continue our fight to save our baby's life. We do not know how the next few months will roll out. Since Grace's cancer has never been treated here before her Onc. team is consulting a doctor in the States who has treated two Ependymoblastoma patients in the past. We have been given the impression that her next round will be a lot less aggressive because they do not believe her body can endure another round of the chemo she just completed. She may even be at home for the majority of her next round. I'm not even sure if she will need her CVL put back in. We will find out details towards the end of this week. We will let you know once we do. Keep praying for our baby's good health.


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