Monday, July 24, 2006

Grace relapses

Hi Everyone,

Ian and I noticed that the mobility of Grace's right arm was decreasing on Saturday so we contacted Sick Kids. Since she had a MRI scheduled for Tues. we were advised to keep her at home until then unless her condition worsened. This mornining (Monday) Grace vomited. I called the hospital and we were advised to come in. After a breif exam Grace was sent down to CT scan where they discovered Graces tumour has grown back. Although just 8 weeks ago Graces seemed clear of disease, today a tumour, again the size of an orange was discover in the same location where it was first discovered. We are devistated, overwhelmed and confused as to why things have gotten so bad so quickly once again. We've been sent home with some new precriptions until tomorrow when we return for her MRI. After her MRI we will meet with the Neuro surgery team to find out wether or not they are able to remove this tumour once again. At this point our only option is surgery followed by radiation. Grace's bone marrow is still too comprimised from her transplant to endure the chemo that was successful in keeping her tumour under control. We are devistated... our baby is happy, playing hide and seek and belly laughing as she pretends to drop things that should not be dropped. She loves to dance and sing and play with her friends Mo, Jules, Nicky and baby Zen. She loves visits from her Nana and Papa and her favorite treat is "ice cream from the window" (drive thru). How can this wonderful, most brillant addition to our world be in such risk to be taken from us??? Please pray that our baby be granted good health. I can't imagine a world with out her. We are desperate for a solution, begging to one of the "lucky ones". Please pray...

With love,


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