Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update: 3rd Annual Walk for Grace & us

Hi Everyone,

My friend Murray has this saying that I know I'm going to mess up, but as soon as I opened the blog to write I thought of him... so I'm going to use it but I apologize in advance if I get it wrong. My blog has become "like a bus, one doesn't come forever, and then a bunch come at once":-).

I wanted to to let everyone know that the walk is coming along quite nicely. This will truly be a very special event marking the first anniversary of Grace's death. Bronte Creek Provincial Park has accepted our application to hold the walk with-in the park this year. As a result the walk will definitely be on Sunday September 9th (mark your calenders), at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Breckon Picnic Shelter. The walk will take place rain or shine on this date but lets hope for shine. The 31km walk will begin at 8am but for those of us who are not athletes, the 1km children's walk will be at 1pm and the 5km adult walk (although you can bring your children on this one as well in a stroller or wagon) will be at 1:45pm. The 1km walk should only take about 1/2 hour and the 5km walk should take about 1hr. We are hoping to arrange children's activities with supervision (maybe through Gymboree??) at the picnic shelter for the older kids who are comfortable staying behind as their parents walk. The BBQ will run between 12noon and 4pm. For those who chose to walk, a $10 walk registration fee will get your vehicle into the park with as many occupants as you can fit (usually a $13 charge) as well as BBQ lunch. Lunch tickets will be available for non participants at a nominal fee. We are waiting on a confirmation as to whether or not Harvey's is able to do the BBQ at a reasonable cost to save us from organizing all the food donations, but this is 50/50 at this point so I'll keep you posted. Saint John's ambulance will be on site for any first aid concerns.

We are currently looking for corporate sponsorship in the following areas:

"Name" sponsors: $100 for each of the 31 km's = $3100 donation. The corporation will have there logo on all printed materials, banners and in all media sources. Right now the Brainchild and Sickkids newsletters will be covering the event as well as the Oakville Beaver and Burlington Post.

Health and Safety sponsor: $150 to cover the cost of Saint John's ambulance.

Location sponsor: $200 to cover the cost of Bronte Provincial Park.

Print sponsor: $500 to cover the cost of all printing... would also accept service over fee so if you work for "Staples" and they can do all of our printing (what we estimate to be approx. $500 worth) we would be more then happy to accept this service instead of the donation.

BBQ sponsor: $500 to cover the cost of food.

Insurance sponsor: $300 to cover the cost of insurance.

If your company, community group or family would like to sponsor our walk in any of the above capacities it would be greatly appreciated. Please Email me at

By securing the above sponsorships and running the event on 100% volunteers we will guarantee that 100% of pledge money collected will go directly to pediatric brain tumour research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Brain Tumours are the #1 cause of cancerous death for children and young adults under the age of 20.

Tax receipts will be given for any donation over $20.

Please help us network for sponsors!

Mama misses you baby.

P.S. Personally, Ian and I have been OK. Ian is enjoying his woodworking course and I've been finding organizing the walk a positive outlet. Ian and I just finished our enquiry of Grace's medical records last week (more specifically how her original diagnoses was incorrect... May 2005 diagnosed with benign non-life threatening tumour followed by correct diagnoses of malignant tumour in Oct. 2005). This was emotionally very difficult but something we had to take the time to do. In retrospect maybe we shouldn't have done it so close to Mother's Day because I've been finding things more difficult than usual since then and am questioning whether this is the result of these events happening on top of one another. Then again, maybe not... maybe things are just more difficult right now for no logical reason. The inquiry concluded that all test were done correctly (based on more then just documentation but other factors as well) and that Grace's tumour had mutated from benign to malignant. Our medical team has only seen this happen twice in the past but in both of these cases it was believed to be the result of radiation which Grace did not have. So Grace's circumstance remain to be rare and mind boggling for us as well as her medical team. However, we believe we made the best decisions possible with the information that was presented to us... I guess this should be comforting... shouldn't it?? I'm waiting anxiously for my feeling of "comfort".....

Mama misses you baby.


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