Monday, August 28, 2006

Stable Day

Hi Everyone,

Grace had an uneventful night which is excellent. Her breathing was stable, she seemed comfortable and tolerated some feed via G Tube. I once again feel short on "night watch" only able to stay up to just after midnight before waking Ian to take over. He let me sleep until 8am. The doc was here at 9:30am and examined her. She was very stable: good pulse, good breathing, good bowel sounds. The Medigas team then showed up to set up her in home oxygen... may need this later in the game but wanted it here before we needed it. The respiratory therapist is coming in the morning to train Ian and I on how to use it. We then moved Grace into her room and convinced her to have a sponge bath by promising to dress her in her Mickey Mouse PJ's after it was complete. She then feel into a deep sleep in her room for hours under a open window which was nice for her to get some fresh air. Sometimes I'm not sure if she is awake or asleep so I read to her and sing to her just in case she's awake and maybe bored. She also seems to enjoy listening to her Dora music box during these times. Her Physo Therapist came by with some food and a story book for Grace. We cried, hugged and remembered the day she taught Grace how to peddle her tricycle... what a special day. When Grace woke up she pooped... a huge accomplishment when your on as much codeine as she is. That buys us another 3 days before we have to start debating another enema. We then brought her downstairs to her Thomas bed for 1/2 hour of story time before she insisted to go back up to the big bed. While my mom gave her her daily head to toe message and strech (to avoid bed sores) I ran down stair for a quick dinner... my first time down stair in days. Fiona and Gerry dropped of Dora PJ's which Ian used tonight when they were making their plans for tomorrow. He promised she could put them on as soon as she woke up and if she allowed Nana to give her a sponge bath. She then watched Strawberry twice with her eyes open and has just fallen asleep, I think for the night. I'm again on early shift & Ian is sleeping. It's weird... the doc's are a little surprised after such a deterioration from Wed. to Sat. that Grace now seems to have stabilized. She is still in bed 24hrs but we have been given the gift of some time to collect some more special memories. Today when I thought she was sleeping, I left her side to quickly go to the wash room. When I was trying to quietly return to my place beside her in bed, she abruptly opened her eyes and said in a stern voice "Mama, nite nite too!" She's always been bossy and I loved this moment of her scolding me for leaving.

Continue to pray for Grace's comfort and understanding of this process.


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