Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hi Everyone,

Well tonight I'm on early shift. I'm hoping to let Ian sleep until 3am but we'll see if I can stay awake... as you are all aware I'm crappy on "night watch". Grace was once again in bed all day with 4 brief awake times. One this morning (which I already blogged about) then Mo came by for 20min and brought Grace Mickey stickers, a tiera and a magic wand. Mo told Grace that she was her best friend and said she didn't want her to go... as we all fought back our tears, I realized that in these few words Mo had expressed exactly why this is all so devastating. Grace has brought so much love into the worlds of so many in such a short amount of time while spending over half of her life fighting this devastating disease. Why couldn't she have won, and stayed with us after having fought so hard and given so much? We just don't want her to go....
Grace's other two awake times were this evening where she watched Strawberry Shortcake. One of the times she was awake so long that she saw the whole video (30min). Tonight she seemed unsettled when trying to get to sleep. She often lays here and you would not know that she was awake except for her rolling the strings of her favorite pink blanket between her thumb and pointer finger. This is when we sing to her and play her Dora music box. We brought her Mickey and Minnie balloons up from her playroom today. With each day that passes I'm finding it harder to convince myself that she may get out of bed again.

Please pray for Grace's comfort and strength for Mo.



Blogger sharon said...

Just sending my love and thoughts to you. Since having two boys with cancer, I know how devastated you must feel. Not quite sure what God's plan is, but please know I'm thinking of you and sending a hug.
Sharon xx

4:37 p.m.  

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