Friday, August 18, 2006

CT on Monday

Hi Everyone,

Sick Kids understood wanting a CT now if we are considering phase one trials. They booked it for Monday at 11am and also informed us that there may be a phase one/two trial here in T.O. that may be of interest to us. So on Monday we are hoping to meet with the Director of Experimental Medicine at Sick Kids as well as have Grace scanned an meet with her Neuro Onc team. I truly hope the VP16 is working for her. Although it is known not to be a cure, it could buy us some time to investigate available trials in more detail. Today we brought Grace to Bronte pool with her friends. She's very moody because of her Dex and had 4 tantrums while we were there. This is hard because her friends don't understand why she is upset. All in all I think it was a good day. At least she got some fresh air. Her Daddy just brought her to the pet store to buy a present for Griffin (our cat). I'm off to put on a load of laundry and damp mop the hardwood.

Everyone have a great weekend.


Blogger Charlene said...

Hi Lesley, I am Alice's cousin and also a parent from St. Elizabeths pre school, and I have been following your blog. I have a friend who has gone through similar surgerys/chemo/radiation etc. with a surgeon in Montreal that comes very highly recomended. I'm not sure if he can help with little Grace, I have attatched the E-mail from my friend Teresa and all of the information, even for a second oppinion.

Our prayers are with you


This may be THE most important thing we can do for Grace. Dr. Del Maestro SPECIALIZES in peadiatric neurology !! I have included any and all pertinant info below....By all means have Lesley mention that she is contacting Dr. D on the highest recommendation of Teresa MacDougall...
In 1980 Dr Del Maestro received his fellowship in Neurosurgery from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada after completing his residency in neurosurgery at the University of Western Ontario.

In 1981, he joined the staff of the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. His areas of interest were neuro-oncology and paediatric neurosurgery and rose to the position of Professor of Neurosurgery in 1991.

Dr Del Maestro has made significant contributions to the area of brain tumour research as Director of the Brain Research Laboratories at the University of Western Ontario from 1981 - 2000. He has written over 100 papers and book chapters related to his research and has focused his research in the area of tumour invasiveness and angiogenesis.

Dr Del Maestro along with his wife, Pam and Steve Northey started the Brain Research Fund in 1981 which evolved into the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Dr Del Maestro has recently taken up the position of Clinical Director of the Brain Tumour Research Centre at the Montreal Neurological Hospital - Institute.

Dr Del Maestro has received many honours including the Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International for his contributions to National and International Community Service. In December 2000, Pam and Dr Del Maestro were selected as Heroes of Health Care by the National Post and Siemens Canada Limited for their contribution to the care of brain tumour patients.

He has an extensive practice in brain tumour surgery and focuses all his clinical expertise in this area.

Mission Statement:
To eliminate brain tumours in children and adults as significant health problems, throughout Canada and the World by the development, maintenance and integration of programs in prevention, education, patient care and research.


The goal of the Brain Tumour Research Centre is to create and foster an environment which promotes excellence in patient care, education and research in the area of brain tumour research and patient management. The Center has input from a number of different areas, including neurology, neurosurgery, imaging and research. The Center will be involved in and extensive programmatic approach to brain tumour research.

There are a number of community prevention programs including brain tumour early recognition programs.

As part of this Center it is felt that patient and health care professional information, will be crucial to the accomplishment of the Center's goals.

Rolando Del Maestro, MD, PhD, FRCS(C)
Clinical Director
Brain Tumour Research Centre

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Telephone: (office) (514) 398 - 5791
Telephone: (lab) (514) 398 - 8293
Fax: (514) 398 - 3971
3801, Rue Univeristy BT 210
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2B4

E-mail Address(es)

8:18 p.m.  

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