Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Every day's a little harder

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd let everyone know that when Grace woke up this morning she crawled up, snuggled in my arms and patted me on the head... like the way she pats our cat, and she said..."ahhh... buv you mama". She's my angle and every day I love her a little more.

Again we will be close to home today. Maybe the pool for a 1/2 an hour if she's up for it. We are also thinking she might like to see the big fish tank at the Mandarin in Brampton. We'll see. Things are no longer day to day but hour to hour for us. Her meds really cause quick shifts in her personality so we'll see.

Grace can't wait to see her friends Mo and Jules on Thurs when they get home from Disney.

Please pray that we are able to control Grace's pain and help her understand what her little body must endure.



Blogger Cathy Marostica said...

Hello Les & Ian,
I have been following Grace's story for a while now through my friend Karen Boucher. Your courage and sheer strength as a family are overwhelming. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful - in spirit as well as appearance - and you must be so proud of her will and her strength. Please know that there are many (relative) strangers out there that are thinking of Grace and of her Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Poppa and praying for a peaceful and loving end to this journey. Blessings, Cathy Marostica

8:56 a.m.  

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