Monday, August 14, 2006

Regular day at home

Hi Everyone,

Well after Dora on Friday and Santa on Saturday, we decided to have a low key day at home on Sunday. My house was a disaster so Nana and Papa came by to entertain Grace while Ian and I started making scenes of the house. It was weird. As Nana and Papa entertained the baby, Ian started to clean the kitchen and I started on the laundry, I kept thinking how nice of a day it was. Just at home doing normal "home" stuff as though Grace were well and we were just a regular family getting ready for a new week. I can't remember when I last felt like that. Nana worked her magic around 3pm and got Grace down for a much needed nap and I insisted Ian nap with her since he's hardly been able to sleep at night. Nana and Papa again were AMAZING rolling up there sleeves and tackling the housework with me. I truly believe my dad has never washed so many dishes in his life and I'm not really sure how he acquired "kitty pan" (litter) duty but he takes good care of Griffin without even being asked at this point even though he claims to hate cats. My mom is my godsend. Getting Grace to eat something other than hotdogs, getting her to brush her teeth, take a bath and some what behave. It just seems that she never runs out of steam, well I know she does but then she just sucks it up and keeps going, she's truly unbelievable. Grace love's her Nana and Papa so much and it's because every interaction they have with her is wrapped in pure, unadulterated love. Even when my mom puts her in the bath when she doesn't want to go, Grace just seems to know that Nana loves me and knows best so I'm not going to fuss. My parents truly amaze me. Thank god for them.

Not sure what were doing this week. We'll keep you posted.



Blogger sharon said...

Just wanted to let you know that I was so happy to read that Graces' and your christmas was wonderful. Although Grace wasn't up for the snow(which I think is amazing you could do for her), Grace had seen it. and thats what matters. You and Ian and your family are continuing to stay strong. I can't imagine how hard your situation is. But you are a truely remarkable family. You are touching the hearts of people throughout the world. And I thank you. My own girls(aged 11, 7, and 6)now know of Grace, and pray for her and her family everynight. My heart felt prayers for your continued strength, and for Grace to continue to smile and laugh and enjoy her happy meals, with the network of love she knows so well and understands. Sending you all a hug.(because they do feel good and you can never have too many)

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