Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hard Night, Better Day

Hi Everyone,

Last night was really hard. Grace started have very long episodes of sleep apnea where she would go 10 seconds between breaths. I woke Ian, he called my parents who came over immediately and we all feared that it may be her final moments with us. Grace then stabilized a bit, Ian went on night watch, I medicated myself to calm down and my parents as well as Ian's mom (who has been staying here in the evenings) all found a place to rest. The doc came very early this morning which was nice after such an eventful night and acknowledged that Grace's apnea had worsened and it is just a step in this horrific process. She assured us that she did not feel Grace was in her final moments but most likely her final days. This statement made me break down in tears. Not out of devastation that it may be her final days, but out of joy that she was not in her final moments... odd.

We wanted to spruce up the bed with Grace's favorite blanket of Dora and Boots eating ice cream (Thanks Sheila) so with this promised we were able to lift her out of be for a quick sponge bath and a trip downstairs to lye on her Dora bed in her playroom. All was going well until she vomited all over the Nana and the Dora bed. Seems as though her GI track has slowed down because she hasn't eaten in days but still had a full tummy. The vomiting is a symptom of pressure on the brain. We consulted the doc and introduced a new med to control nausea. We cleaned Grace up and put her in her Thomas bed in her playroom and we had story time for close to an hour. She then insisted on returning upstairs to bed. It was only an hour, but I think the change in scenery was good for her. Then we had storey time upstairs, Grace listened to Strawberry (3, 4, 5 times... I lost count) and we cuddled the rest of the day away. One of the best things that I find about our days of late is when Grace is getting ready to settle for the night, Ian lies in bed next to her and makes plans for the following day. Nothing big, just waking up to Nana and Papa, watching/listening to Strawberry and hugs with Griffin. But for some reason I love listening to this conversation. I guess it helps me believe we will have Grace tomorrow. He's a great dad.



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