Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweet Nayos

Hi Everyone,

Well I logged on a couple of hours ago with the intention of writing to you all about our day which included our first visit to Sick Kids Hospital since Grace's death, as well as attending mass at St. Mike's Cathedral where Amazing Grace just happened to be the recession hymn. But when I logged on I first checked my Email. Tonight I received a note from a fellow caner mom. Her name is Christy. Christy and I met through a mutual friend, Josee (also a cancer mom.) The three of us had the opportunity to go out to dinner twice during the many months that we survived (not lived... survived) at the hospital while our children under went aggressive chemo therapy. These dinners were always planed as a "break" from the hospital but would result in a strategy session of advocates brainstorming to discover possible care options that may have been overlooked by the professionals... hardly the "break" that we each intended and so desperately needed. Tonight I opened Christy's Email to read the following:

Saraphine Nayohan Karly Cheechoo

November 1st, 2002 - October 4, 2006

My heart aches - we miss our Nayos so much.

I am overwhelmed with disbelief that sweet Nayos' body died one month shy of her 4th birthday. What had appeared for the last year to be dormant residual brain tumour suddenly aggressively progressed and metastasized extensively through her spine. 14 days after her family learned of this progression and one day post her first palliative spinal radiation, Nayos left this earth. How does this happen?? I am devastated and infuriated with this chain of events. Although my fate has been very similar to that of Christy's, for some reason, once Grace had died, I drew strength by thinking that my fate yet devastating was sealed, and by me living this tragedy that others would be spared similar devastation. Receiving Christy's Email was a rude awakening that this disease has not only devastated my reality but will continue to devastate the reality of many others. Other mothers will have to endure the heart ache so overwhelming that you becoming physically ill with nausea. How is it possible for such evil to invaded the lives of those who's only wish is to shower their child with love. I am speechless.

May Grace and Nayos' spirits find one another. May they find peace and joy now free of disease and able to frolic in the clouds as toddlers should.

Mama misses you baby.


Blogger christie said...

I"m sure they've already found eachother and are now disease free, feeling strong and healthy doing the "we did it" dance!!!

11:20 a.m.  
Blogger Parker said...

I am so sorry that another family must endure the heartache, pain and loss. No parent should ever have to endure such pain. I hope that you are able to stay strong. We think of you every day.

4:07 p.m.  
Blogger Eddie A said...

Les I have been reading these updates religiously for months. I want you to know that you have changed the way I look at each day with my son. Children are the greatest gifts that we are given and time spent with a child should be cherished. I’m confidant that Grace is looking down on you and thanking you and Ian for all that you gave her. Stay strong and know that your words are being read by lots of people and that Grace Ian and yourself have changed their lives forever.

9:55 p.m.  

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