Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fun at the hospital

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Alex for setting up this blogg! Who knew sending updates could be this easy?? Grace is still doing well. Today (day 5) she cleared her last Chemo drug of her 4 day session which makes her ready for her chemo "pushes" on day 7 & 14. An MRI (to track progress) has been scheduled for Dec. 7... as you can imagine we are very anxious for these results. Dec. 8th Grace will have a "G tube" (feeding tube placed into her abdomen) to insure we are able to get proper nutrients via her gut (instead of via her veins) and Dec. 9th she will have a bone marrow aspiration from her hip to prep a back up sample to the umbilical cord blood that we stored when she was born to accommodate her stem cell transplant that is to take place at the end of session 6. So next week will be a very busy week. Grace is adjusting to hospital life well and finding lots of ways to stay entertained. She has started to take a few unassisted steps which is well in advance of when we anticipated her right leg to recover (mass was sitting on the motor skills of her right leg and it was not functional post surgery). Attached are 4 pictures of how she's keeping her self entertained in her hospital room. Enjoy.

P.S. In the "bubble picture" Grace is wearing her "Bravery Beads". This is a necklace that begins as a string upon admission to the Oncology ward. With each CAT scan, MRI, blood work, lumbar puncture etc...etc... Grace receives a bead to add to her string. As you can see, her first necklace is completed (probably close to 100 beads) in just 7 weeks. We started string two yesterday.

She's one brave little lady!

Les, Ian and Grace


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