Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grace’s Second Round of Chemo

Grace’s second round of chemo has been much better than the first. She has only vomited once (compared to countless times in round one) so it seems as though the new combination of anti-nausea meds are working for her. She is C Diff positive again (infection of the bowels) so it seems as though this may be something she is prone to for the balance of her treatment. She is on antibiotics to fight this and will be in isolation until we get a negative read. Our biggest concern right now has been her blood pressure. It has hit levels of 168/98 (very high) and we can not seem to figure out why. She has been given Nifedipine to control this on a couple of occasions but her blood pressure has been stable for the last 12 hours so lets hope we continue on this trend. Her spirits are good and she is eating and drinking. Life’s been tough in the hospital this weekend with one of Grace’s friends suffering a cardiac arrest last night. She (Grace’s friend) is in CCU now. With how good Grace’s spirits are sometimes it’s easy to forget that she is fighting for her life. Last night was a big reminder.

Grace is strong and full of fight!! We are so proud of her.

Thanks again for all your support.

Les, Ian and Grace


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