Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grace looking more and more like her Daddy

Today is a good day! When I left the hospital Grace was sitting in bed with her Daddy, watching her Dora video and swinging her arms from side to side doing the Dora “we did it” dance. Unfortunately our stay at home was only 37 hours last week. Grace started showing signs of Mucicitus (sores in the mouth) within 24 hours of being home, and after a rough Sunday night, we decided to head back into Sick Kids Monday morning. We were only there 2 hours before her fever spiked and her blood work showed that she was Neutapenic (low white blood cell count). It seems as though her fever was the result of being C Diff positive (a bacterial infection of the bowels) and not a blood infection (good news). Throughout this week she has been on antibiotics while her blood counts (red, white and platelets recover). She was well enough yesterday to get a scheduled chemo push and has been doing very well ever since. We will most likely remain in the hospital due to the C Diff, mouth sores, fever and low blood counts until she starts round two this Sunday. Again… thanks for all your prayers, good wishes, toys, pj’s and meals. Your support makes us strong.

We hope to be home maybe for a few days last week of Nov. first week of Dec. but because Grace’s chemo is so aggressive, the side effects that she has encountered this round may be a challenge with each of her upcoming rounds. If that’s the case… we maybe in over Christmas (but we’ve been told Christmas at Sick Kids is not too bad).



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